We Are Stronger Together

Join the State Employees’ Association for a Stronger Voice in our Communities.

Membership Authorization

Yes, I want to join with my fellow employees and become a member of the State Employees’ Association (SEA), SEIU Local 1984. I hereby request and voluntarily accept membership to SEA and agree to abide by its Constitution and Bylaws, and by the SEIU Constitution and Bylaws. I authorize SEA to act as my exclusive representative in collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment with my employer.

Dues Deduction & Checkoff Authorization

I recognize the need for a strong union and believe everyone represented by our union should pay their fair share to support our union’s activities. I hereby request and voluntarily authorize a deduction from my earnings per pay period to be paid to the SEA in the amount equal to the regular dues uniformly applicable to members of the SEA. This authorization shall remain in effect and shall be irrevocable unless I revoke it by sending written notice via U.S. mail to the SEA during the fifteen-day period commencing with my anniversary date of employment. I acknowledge that my dues deduction authorization is a contractual agreement between myself, as a bargaining unit employee, and SEIU Local 1984, separate from any statutory of NH RSA 273-A.

Political Accountability

Yes, I want to hold politicians accountable to working families and I know we can only do that if we stand together. I hereby authorize the indicated amount to be deducted per pay period for the SEA Political Education Committee (SEA PAC) work making our political voice heard on local issues.

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