Voter Registration

Are you registered to vote in New Hampshire?

While the New Hampshire primaries are seven months away, municipal elections are coming up this fall all around the state. With that in mind, it is never too early to make sure you’re properly registered to vote to ensure a smooth voting day for all. To register you must be 18 years of age or older on Election Day,  domiciled in the town or ward where you seek to vote, and a U.S citizen.

You will need to provide the necessary documents to prove:

  • your age
  • identity
  • domicile
  • U.S citizenship

For most, this will mean a driver’s license or non-drive ID that shows your current domicile address in NH to satify the first three requirements. In order to prove U.S citizenship, you may provide your birth certificate, a U.S passport or naturalization document.

New Hampshire allows same day registration on voting day, so if you do not have documents to prove your age, identity, or citizenship, you will be asked to sign a Qualified Voter Affidavit, under oath, in front of an elected official.

Additionally, if you do not have documents satifying the domicile requirement, such as a New Hampshire’s driver’s license or non-driver ID with your current domicile address, you will be asked to sign a Domicile Affavadit.  An example of other documents that fulfill this requirement include:

  • A rental agreement, lease, deed, property tax bill or other similar documents with your name and address
  • Any state or federal tax form that shows your name and domicile address
  • Any form from the U.S Post Office showing your name and physical domicile address (not a P.O Box).
  • A public utility bill with your name and domicile address

For more information, you may read the detailed voter registration report here or you may always ask your town clerk’s office ahead of time. Each polling station will have many volunteers to answer any questions you may have.

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