The Supreme Court decision on unions

The Supreme Court decision in Janus v AFSCME – supported by anti-union special interest groups – is an attempt to rig the economy against workers and their families. By eliminating the right to collect fair share fees, unions will now have fewer resources to fight for their members. This decision is part of a longstanding agenda to weaken unions and claw back hard-earned wages and benefits from our contract.

Thankfully, we’ve spent the past few years working harder than ever. The results? Our membership has never been higher.

These anti-union groups only win when we’re divided, and we’re sticking closer together than ever.  When working people are part of a union, we achieve higher wages and better benefits. This, in turn, fosters a better quality of life for families and communities.

Right now, our legal experts are combing through today’s decision, and we will bring you more information on its impact. Regardless of the obstacles, we will move forward together, recalling that historic attempts to weaken us have only strengthened us. Today’s decision will be no different.

We need your help:

  • Stay in the union.
  • Talk to your co-workers about the importance of being a member and protecting our union.
  • Get involved. Our union thrives with loyal, active members.

Contribute to SEAPAC or consider increasing your contribution. We can expect more political battles and we can’t fight wealthy special interests without pooling our resources. Click here to contribute and help us fight the big money groups who are responsible for today’s decision.

Workers like you are the backbone of our state, and together we will rise stronger and more united than they could have ever imagined.

Thank you.

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