Justin Jardine

Justin started working for the SEA officially in February 2020 as an Internal Organizer and was promoted to Organizing Manager in 2021 based on a career of leadership training. Before joining the SEA, he served as a Marine for nine years and later became a Member/leader at the Department of Corrections where he worked for 21 years and served as a union steward for 17 years. He joined the SEA as a member in 1997, has been a part of five master bargaining teams, and served on several committees such as OSC, CBCA, and the Stewards Committee.

To reach Justin, click the mobile-friendly email or phone icons, or use the contact information below:

  • email: jjardine@seiu1984.org
  • office: 603.271.3412 x121#
  • mobile: 603.688.5847

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