Bob Blaisdell

Prior to joining the State Employees’ Association in the fall of 2022, Bob was a professional contract lobbyist for over 2 decades.  He was
instrumental in building one of the most influential, successful and respected lobbying firms in Concord, NH.  Bob’s strengths include lobbying the legislative, executive, and regulatory branches of government, testifying before legislative committees and subcommittees, drafting legislation and agency rules, issue / legislative research, and association management. Bob has been lobbying professionally since 1998, however NH politics has been a part of his life since he was born on election day in 1974. His family has been involved in NH politics for over 6 decades. Bob’s grandfather, the late Senate President Clesson “Junie” Blaisdell, served in the NH Senate for 30 years.

Bob has a BA in Communications from the University of New Hampshire. He lives in Manchester, NH with his three children Emma, James, and Caroline.

To reach Bob, click the mobile-friendly email or phone icons, or use the contract information below:

  • email:
  • office: 603.271.3412 x106#
  • mobile: 603.932.3335

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