State House Update – July 29, 2019

Election 2020

Results of our Democratic primary survey

We had an overwhelming response to our online presidential candidate survey that sought feedback on which Democratic candidates the membership would be most interested in having an in-depth conversation with. Respondents had the option to select up to seven candidates. We are encouraged by your enthusiastic replies and we will keep you posted with any upcoming events with candidates.

Below are the results of the survey. The percentage next to each candidate represents the respondents who selected that candidate for a potential sit-down conversation.

Survey results

Warren: 49.93%
Biden: 48.95%
Harris: 46.86%
Sanders: 42.68%
Buttigieg: 38.77%
Booker: 24.41%
Gillibrand: 17.99%
Gabbard: 17.15%
Castro: 16.60%
Klobuchar: 13.81%
O’Rourke: 12.55%
Yang: 7.53%
Delaney: 5.16%
Williamson: 5.16%
Ryan: 4.04%
Hickenlooper: 3.91%
Inslee: 3.77%
De Blasio: 3.63%
Bennet: 2.65%
Swalwell: 0.98%

Note: These results do not reflect an endorsement of any type; the results are being shared for informational purposes only. For this survey, only responses for the Democratic candidates were tallied; all responses were reviewed. 

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