SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Statement on SB 11

For immediate release
Contact: Andrew Toland
603-271-3411, ext. 108

The following is SEA/SEIU Local 1984 President Rich Gulla’s statement in response to the Senate Commerce Committee’s vote on SB 11:

“I am disappointed the Commerce Committee voted on a 3-2 vote to send SB 11 to the full Senate “Ought to Pass”, despite the compelling testimony offered today in opposition of so-called Right to Work legislation. SB 11 is a tired, recycled bill that has been defeated time after time in New Hampshire with significant bi-partisan support. Yet, extreme conservative out of state special interest groups are pushing it once again.

NH legislatures, regardless of political party, have struck this type of legislation down repeatedly because they understand that Right to Work is Wrong for New Hampshire families and businesses.

It is wrong for NH families because studies show states with similar legislation have lower wages, less economic opportunity, and higher unemployment rates.

It is wrong for NH businesses because it is an overreach of government into private business affairs. In fact, the bill calls for fines and even jail time if businesses do not fully comply.

I urge our Senators to see beyond the misinformation and say no, again, to this recycled bill. It’s time to address issues that actually help NH families and businesses, such as resolving the opioid crisis, extending broadband services to all of NH, and addressing our skyrocketing energy costs.”

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