SEA team declares impasse in contract negotiations with NHRS

The SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members at New Hampshire Retirement System have been attempting to negotiate a contract since early February. While parties have made progress on some important areas of the CBA, negotiations stalled when it came to wages. The SEA is attempting to negotiate raises the wage scale that keep pace with the rate of inflation in New Hampshire.

The SEA team has been frustrated over the low amount being offered to members as an increase. The team feels if falls very short when compared to how well the economy is in NH. Like their Executive Branch counterparts, the members at NHRS believe wages need to increase in order to retain current employees and to attract new employees in this very tight labor market.

The parties are currently planning on going to mediation in the near future and the SEA members at NHRS are looking for support from their fellow members during these challenging negotiations.

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