SEA News for March 20


SEA/SEIU 1984 is committed to working collaboratively with the State to protect all state employees in these uncertain turbulent times. We are deeply grateful to each and everyone of you for stepping up and navigating this situation while still carrying out your job duties. Due to the nature of how quickly information changes, it is also important that we pause and take time to thank you for the stellar job you are doing. We will notify you immediately once we have secured favorable outcomes for you.

Within the past week alone, our discussions with the State have resulted in the following achievements for our members:

  • In a memo dated March 19 to all agency commissioners, managers and supervisors, the Governor has instructed them to “make every effort to support employees to work from home” with the understanding that not all jobs can be performed from home. With that exception aside, the memo urges supervisors to explore all possible options to support employees in these emergency circumstances. We understand that certain agencies are showing resistance to this directive, and please rest assured that we are working extremely closely with those agency heads who need more time or pressure to ensure they are in compliance.
  • For those employees who have been denied work from home requests, we are experiencing success in resolving them. If you are experiencing work-related issues or have questions that the union may be able to help with, please respond to this email. 

  • With employees whose job duties cannot be performed remotely, we continue to urge the Governor to make allowances for these employees to prioritize their health and safety and that of their families without consequences and with full income continuation.
  • We continue to have extensive discussions with decision-makers about leave approvals for individuals who are sick, at risk or experiencing child care issues.

We remind you that as difficult as these times are, it is also a time to be there for each other and that includes checking in on your colleagues, friends, and retirees who may need help. For many folks, it may be hard to reach out and ask for assistance, which makes each small act even more meaningful.

Please know that the SEA is here for you and we encourage you to reach out with your questions and concerns. Again thank you for your dedication to our state.

Rich Gulla

SEA President


The NH Legislature will be closed until April 10th. This means that any bills we are supporting or monitoring including our state contract will be put on hold until the Legislature resumes normal activities.

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