SEA News for March 17, 2020


We know that many of you have questions about how this national pandemic affects your lives and workplaces. Please know that we have already made strong written recommendations to the State urging them to ensure that state employees are fully covered during these uncertain times. Some of these recommendations include paid administrative leave without having to use your own leave, liberal use of leave, paid coverage for part-timers, testing costs covered by the employer, and dependent care for families who are impacted by COVID-19.

On Monday, the State issued these guidelines related to working from home, paid sick leave, etc. Please note: we are sharing their document for informational purposes only. We do not necessarily agree with the State’s conclusions and are fighting hard to make sure that our recommendations are implemented.

SEA and COVID-19

We are encouraging all chapter presidents to cancel meetings and encouraging stewards to hold meetings over the phone. Until further notice, all member meetings at the SEA are cancelled.

Yesterday, we also issued a statement regarding our approach during this time. An excerpt is below:

We are committed to fighting for your safety and financial security and have taken steps to address concerns with management.

Union leadership and staff have been monitoring the situation closely and, according to recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the NH Division of Public Health (DPH), we have implemented the following temporary changes:

  • Restricting staff travel
  • Cancelling all but essential or emergency meetings until further notice, especially Council and Committee meetings that involve a lot of people

To read the full statement, click here.

COVID-19 and Road Race

This year’s annual SEA 5k Road Race and Fitness Walk has been cancelled. If a later date is announced, we will inform you immediately.


In an effort to assist in the important dialogue happening at the state and local level regarding the role retirement benefits play to recruit and retain highly skilled and qualified public employees, the NH Retirement Security Coalition is working to gather information from currently employed public sector workers who are also members of the NH Retirement System.

If you have had an opportunity to fill out this survey, we thank you! It is important to gather results from as many members as possible.

In case you haven’t had the opportunity we hope that you find time between now and March 20, 2020 to complete the survey. At that time, the survey will close and no more results will be collected.

Please complete survey here.


We recently learned of the passing of longtime union member, Kate DesRochers, who passed away on Saturday February 8th after a hard-fought, 6 year battle with breast cancer. Her obituary can be found here. Kate worked for the State of New Hampshire for 16 years, most recently as a supervisor with New Heights. She worked throughout her illness up until just a short time before her passing. Her fire and determination made it important for her to continue to provide for her family even in the face of extreme adversity.

Memorial donations may be made to the Manchester Animal Shelter, 490 Dunbarton Road, Manchester, N.H. 03102 or the cancer research foundation of your choice.

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