SEA News Extra
April 22, 2019

Hearing set for Wednesday on our COLA bill

Members are encouraged to attend and testify in support of HB 616

The Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in Room 101 of the Legislative Office Building on HB 616, our state pension COLA bill, and members are encouraged to attend in support of this measure.

Members of NHRS have not received a COLA since 2010. As expenses rise, these retirees who dedicated their careers to public service find themselves left further and further behind. As introduced, this bill would grant a 1.5 percent COLA to those who have been retired for 60 months. This bill has already cleared the House, but we will need your support to pass the Senate.

What you can do: If you’re able, please join us Wednesday morning in support of this bill, and you can testify if you’re willing. Even if you don’t want to testify, you can be a presence and sign your name in support of HB 616.

Our retirees need some relief – let’s keep working and get this done.

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