Quarterly Council Meeting Nets Three New Board Members

Heather Fairchild, John Hattan, and Cheryl Towne Are SEA’s Newest Directors

Heather & Cheryl Sworn In

left to right: Heather Fairchild and Cheryl Towne are sworn in as two of SEA’s newest directors.

Last Thursday, nearly 100 SEA members participated in the quarterly Council Meeting at the Holiday Inn in Concord.  The evening’s agenda included the nomination and election of three new SEA Board of Director Members. There were four vacant director’s seats; three of which are now filled.  There were no nominees for the Private Sector seat and the position remains vacant.

Cheryl Towne is filling one of two positions for the remainder of three year term, which ends in the Fall of 2013.  Cheryl is no stranger to involvement in the SEA.  Over the course of her 14 years of membership, she has served as a Chapter President (Ch. 9), and Steward. She has also performed hundreds of hours of committee work on the following SEA committees: SEA Building Association; Convention Arrangements; Benevolence, Political Education; Collective Bargaining Advisory (Executive Branch); Steward; and she has served on the Collective Bargaining Senate. Remarkably, Cheryl has completed all this work while living and working nearly 100 miles from the SEA office.

Cheryl works at Glencliff home as a Stock Control Supervisor. She is well known for sharing her generosity and identifies herself as a go-to person in her Chapter, as well as providing advice and direction to fellow members in other chapters.  We are fortunate to have Cheryl join the SEA Board of Directors.  You can see some of Cheryl’s candidate speech here.

Heather Fairchild, Ch. 16 is a Program Specialist with NH DHHS. Heather, also a long-time SEA member, was elected to fill the second seat for the remainder of a three year term ending in Fall 2013. Over the course of Heather’s 17 years as an active SEA member, she has served as Chapter President; member of the Executive Branch Collective Bargaining Senate; and member of numerous committees, including SEA Constitution and By-Law’s and Ethics.  Heather is passionate about her union work and she will tirelessly represent the best interests of all members. You can see some of Heather’s candidate speech here.

John Hattan, of of three newly elected directors, poses for a photo at the SEA office.

John Hattan, one of three newly elected directors, poses for a photo at the SEA office.

SEA member John Hattan, Ch. 45, was elected to serve the remainder of a three-year term, which will end in 2015.  John wins the longevity award among the new Directors. He has been an active SEA member since 1990.  During that time he has served as Chapter Secretary and Councilor. He has also served on numerous SEA committees including SEA Building; Financial Advisory; SEA Building Corporation; Communications: Political Education; Constitution and By-laws; Grievance; and the Collective Bargaining Senate (Executive Branch).

Following the special elections, SEA President Diana Lacey provided the President’s update which included an update on recent progress in the organizations lawsuits against the state for unconstitutional pension changes.  Bargaining Administrator John Howard also provided a report on Executive Branch contract negotiations; as well as bargaining activity with county and municipal units.

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