President’s Message: Thank you to our nurses and corrections officers


This week marks both National Correctional Employees Week and National Nurses Week. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude for all the hard work that you do. We are proud to have so many nurses and correctional employees among our members.

As diverse as these two professions are, they share one thing in common: both professions are widely misunderstood by the general public and as a result they often do not receive the recognition and resources that they need. We want to help change that. We know you do your job well, often under very adverse working conditions. It is for these reasons and more, that together we fight even harder in the current contract negotiations for wage increases, protection of your health insurance and prescription benefits, paid overtime, and improved working conditions.

The work you do truly impacts each corner of the state, including New Hampshire Hospital, the Veterans’ Home, Sununu Center, Glencliff Home, Belknap and Strafford County Nursing Homes, Belknap, Coos, and Strafford County Houses of Corrections and in the NH Department of Corrections facilities in Berlin and Concord.  

During my worksite visits, I have witnessed the utmost dedication and tenacity to your vocations and a deep desire to serve your state. We recognize that your professions can be incredibly challenging and often require great sacrifice. That makes your work – whether it’s protecting the population or caring for those who need help the most – all the more impressive. It is my hope that as our state moves toward progress, we will not need to rely on just one week dedicated to honoring you, but that it will be reflected in the contracts we secure and in a shift in public attitude for those that do this difficult work.

In solidarity,
Rich Gulla


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