Political Update for Jan. 21, 2020


It’s that time again! The NH Legislature is in full swing for the 2020 session with hundreds of bills being heard across many committees on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Several resolutions dealing with increased costs to retirees passed at Convention in 2019. The House will take up three of our priority retirement bills in public hearings this week – one on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, in the Executive Departments & Administration Committee:

House Bill 1434: The SEA supports HB1434, which is designed to repeal premium contribution requirements for certain state and judicial retirees

  • Public hearing: Tuesday, Jan. 21 at 1:00 pm at the Legislative Office Building room 306

House Bill 1235: The SEA supports HB 1235, which establishes a committee to study workforce maintenance through enhancement of the retirement system

  • Public Hearing: Wednesday, Jan. 22  at 11:00 am at the Legislative Office Building room 306

House Bill 1205: The SEA supports HB 1205, which supports a reduction in the calculation of state retirement system annuities at the age 65.

  • Public Hearing: Wednesday, Jan. 22  at 11:00 am at the Legislative Office Building room 306

Also on Tuesday in the Senate Commerce Committee are six bills that would potentially help control the rising cost of prescription drugs. We will keep you posted.

If you have questions on legislation or would like to testify on any of these bills or share your views with legislators, contact Mel Bernardin at mbernardin@seiu1984.org.

We will provide a rundown of other upcoming legislation – stay tuned.


Pres. Rich Gulla introduces Sen. Bernie Sanders at his Manchester rally on Saturday, Jan 18. The SEA publicly announced their endorsement of Sen. Sanders earlier this month.

SEA members are encouraged to sign up for volunteer shifts to support Sen. Sanders’ candidacy. Click here for ways to get involved or contact Mel Bernardin at mbernardin@seiu1984.org.

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