Members Out in Support of Liquor Store Workers

SEA members demonstrated in support of liquor store workers in front of the New Hampshire Liquor Store 1 on Storrs Street in Concord on Dec. 13.

A week after the SEA filed two unfair labor practice complaints against the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, SEA members from varying agencies and worksites demonstrated in front of the new Store 1, on Storrs Street in Concord on Thursday, Dec. 13.

You can support Liquor Store workers who have been bullied and had their rights taken away by signing a petition online here.

SEA staffers joined with members for the demonstration at the Liquor Store.

At the Dec. 13 demonstration, SEA member Cindy Perkins said the Liquor Store’s part-time employees are being exploited.

“Part-timers are the current migrant worker,” said Perkins, who works for Employment Security. “ ‘We need you now … we can’t give you any benefits … we’ll get rid of you when we don’t need you.’ “

“They’re getting rid of anything that made this job worthwhile — the holiday pay, the overtime for working Sunday,” Perkins said. “It’s got to stop. Part timers need to get treated like any other worker.”

SEA staffers were leafleting at Liquor Stores around the state Thursday to raise awareness for the working conditions at the profitable retail outlets.

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