NH House Rejects So-Called Right to Work

Bipartisan vote dismisses the issue for two years

A short while ago, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted against SB 11, the Senate’s so-called right to work bill, then took it one step further and “indefinitely postponed” the bill, meaning the issue can’t come back for the next two years.

This is a massive win for working people and a rejection of this tired, recycled idea pushed by out-of-state special interests. Thank you to all of our members who worked so hard, phone banking, writing letters to the editor, calling their legislators and taking part in lengthy hearings on this bill. This bipartisan rejection of SB 11 proves what we already knew: that we’re stronger together. 

The following is President Rich Gulla’s statement, which we released just moments ago:

“Today, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted SB 11 Inexpedient to Legislate. We are proud of the legislators for standing with Granite State workers today and putting the so-called Right to Work bill behind us, where it belongs. The New Hampshire House recognized that there was no constituency supporting this legislation and proved out-of-state special interests have no place in our politics. It took courage to stand against the constant stream of pressure from outside funding – and Granite State families can now celebrate this accomplishment.”

“We are incredibly grateful to our elected officials for continuing to stand up for what is important. We look forward to working with Governor Sununu and the legislature to continue helping New Hampshire families.”

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