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SEA conservatives are in a good position to be a powerful influence on the legislature.  

New Hampshire voters selected Republican candidates to lead the legislature. With a clear majority in the New Hampshire House and Senate, Republicans will take over leadership of both chambers’ committees. The takeover means that it is less likely Governor Sununu will veto as many legislative efforts and may allow SEA conservatives an opportunity to move on some of the SEA legislative priorities, not to mention the ability to get a contract.

On the dark side, it is apparent that a “right to work” bill will be proposed this upcoming session. As union members, we must stand up to this effort as it directly attacks our families and us.

Let’s show our strength and our solidarity by moving forward with the help of candidates we supported for election. It’s time for all members to contact their legislators to introduce yourselves and express your views on getting a contract, employee compensation, worker safety, retirement issues and other SEA priorities.

Get involved by attending our next Conservative Members Committee meeting on Tuesday, Dec 8 at 5:00 PM.

Union Updates

NH state hospital notice to mental health workers

Due to a severe staff shortage, the Governor and Executive Council have approved a 20% temporary wage increase for Mental Health Workers at the NH State Hospital.  

The wage enhancement will go into effect on December 4, 2020, and remain until 2022. 

SEA recognizes that many state offices and employees experience dire situations related to staff shortages, wages, and resources. While we continue to fight for a contract in the court system, please congratulate our brothers and sisters at the NH State Hospital on this incredible success. 

Every step towards achieving workers’ rights benefits all Granite State employees. 

SEA Social Activities Committee: Survey

Complete survey

The Social Activities Committee organizes events and programs to strengthen our SEA community. We want to hear what members are interested in, and how we can best meet your needs. 

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and will help us serve you better.

Upcoming Events

NEW Book Club coming soon

Starting January 4, Social Activities will be starting an SEA Book Club to meet Mondays at 6pm via Zoom. The Book Club will be selecting a book at our first meeting, so come with suggestions!

Interested members should contact David Holt at


The enrollment period for health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act runs from Nov 1 – Dec 15. Those interested can find more information at 

Make sure the information you are receiving is accurate. Get answers to common questions about healthcare coverage about the Affordable Care Act here.

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