News for Aug 12

National News

Senate delays recess to negotiate COVID relief

After a week of negotiations, the Senate has decided to delay recess, originally scheduled for Aug. 10, by at least one week. On May 15, the House passed the HEROES Act which provides $1 trillion for state and local governments alone, while the GOP proposed plan allocates no funds to state and local governments and slashes unemployment benefits by two thirds.

Earlier last week, both parties indicated slow progress in negotiations but failed to announce agreements related to unemployment benefits, school funding, state and local funding, or eviction moratoriums. The White House has been pushing for a reduction in federal income taxes, but it is unclear whether there is authority to do so. The White House is also threatening executive action if the Senate is unable to reach a deal.

Meanwhile, NH Senators have been busy advocating for working families and individuals. Sen. Shaheen and Hassan, along with other senators, introduced a letter stating their plan for a $50 billion investment in child care to aid working families to be included in the relief package, and Sen. Hassan introduced legislation “which would ensure that Social Security, Veterans Affairs (VA), and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries receive the COVID-19 relief stimulus payments” automatically when a COVID relief package is implemented.

Get Counted in the U.S. Census 2020

The U.S. Census provides the federal government with vital information related to state and local funding.

The federal government usually goes to great lengths to count everyone living in the United States. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, door-to-door operations are being cut short by a month.

Completing the census is simple, and takes about as much time to register to vote. If you haven’t already, remember to fill out the census today to benefit yourself and your community.

Election 2020

Vote early, vote from home

On Aug. 6, the NH Democratic Party hosted a Voting Town Hall to answer Granite Stater’s questions about voting this fall. Voting experts agreed that the best way to vote this fall is to “vote early, and vote from home.” Granite Staters can request absentee ballots for the primary and general elections now. Completed ballots can be mailed back or turned in in person to your local clerk. Additionally, the state has a new feature that allows voters to track their ballots from the moment it leaves the mail box to the moment it is counted.

If you do plan to vote in person, doctors recommend voters and poll workers wear masks.

Click here for an Absentee Ballot application.

Primary election: September 8

General election: November 3

Union Governance

Bargaining Senate meeting cancelled

The Bargaining Senate meeting scheduled for Aug. 13 has been cancelled. The primary purpose of the meeting was to elect new members to the Bargaining Senate, however, there were not enough nominees to hold an election. Therefore, all nominees are uncontested.

We are pleased to announce the members of the 2021-2023 Master Bargaining Team are:

Alisa Druzba – DHHS, Betty Thomas – NHES, Corey Dearborn – SYSC, Dawn O’Brien – Dept. of Labor, James Nall – Glencliff Home, Kimothy Griffin – Banking, Leah McKenna – DES, Shannon Perkins – Glenclif

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Endorsements

Local news outlets are highlighting SEA’s recent endorsements of NH state and Congressional candidates. SEA/SEIU Local 1984 is proud to endorse candidates who support the tireless efforts of NH state employees. Click on the candidate’s names below to be directed to their website or social media, if available.

Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh, Philip Spagnuolo, Cindy Rosenwald, Nancy Fraher,

SEA/SEIU Local 1984 Endorsements* (appearing from left to right)

Faith & Labor: meeting on August 12

Faith & Labor is meeting tonight, Aug. 12 5:30-7:00p.m. via Zoom to discuss the moral issues facing workers in New Hampshire. Vanderbilt Divinity School Professor Joerg Rieger, co-author of “Unified We Are A Force: How Faith and Labor Can Overcome America’s Inequalities”, hopes to join us. He previously joined us for a discussion on solidarity.

Members with questions may email or call 603-781-8649. For more information, contact Gail Kinney at or 603-381-7324

Click here to register.

Member News 

Member Death At Pease Fire

Long time SEA member, Gerald (Joe) Bradley passed away on the evening of August 4, 2020. Joe, a member of the Pease Firefighter’s chapter, was an SEA member since 2004 and a valued community member. He will be remembered and missed dearly.


SEA Backpack Drive

Going back to school is very different in Fall 2020, but community members can make it a little easier for NH families and students. The final day to donate backpacks to NH students is this Sunday, August 19. If you are interested in donating, please fill out this form. THANK YOU for supporting NH students! More information is available on the Facebook event page.

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