Members Help Push Sanders to Victory

Grassroots Volunteer Efforts Are What Make Campaign Work

As Bernie Sanders celebrated his big primary win at Concord High School on Tuesday night, there were many proud SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members in the crowd. Proud, not just because the candidate their union endorsed won, but also because they’d worked so hard to help get to that point.

In the weeks leading up to the primary, and even on primary day, members worked the phones and pounded the pavement to get out the vote for Sen. Sanders. One of those members was First Vice President Ken Roos, who cheered the grassroots activism that is powering Sanders’ campaign.

“When SEA/SEIU Local 1984 endorsed Sen. Sanders, we said that he has a long history of fighting for working people, and I think working people know that,” Roos said.

“We’re excited that thanks in part to the hundreds of hours our member volunteers put into this race in New Hampshire, Sen. Sanders can continue his message across the country,” he said.

Chapter 1 member Robin Williamson McBrearty is another one of those members who spent countless hours volunteering for Sanders. After spending most of her time making phone calls to voters, this weekend she headed out to help with transporting canvassers.

“On Saturday afternoon, they had two busloads of students come in,” she said. “I ended up taking people to canvassing sites, then going back out and picking them up. I met a lot of fun people that way.”

On Tuesday, she was at the Sanders office bright and early.

“I spent the morning making sandwiches for canvassers, then started driving voters to the polls,” she said.

They were just two of many who gave time for Sen. Sanders here in Concord and around the state to help bring about Tuesday’s huge win and provides solid momentum heading into Nevada and South Carolina.

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