Member, wife need help after motorcycle crash

Adam and Mary White were severely injured in a motorcycle accident late last month.

Members at the Department of Transportation are raising money to help a fellow member, Adam White, who along with his wife was hurt in a motorcycle accident over Memorial Day weekend. Thankfully, both Adam and his wife survived but their injuries were severe. While their friends and community have stepped up, more is needed.

Donations (cash or checks made out to Adam White) are being collected at three locations: the front desk of Mechanical Services in Concord at 33 Smokey Bear Blvd (contact Terri Tripp), the Twin Mountain satellite garage (contact Joshua Ashey) and the Center Ossipee satellite garage (contact Randy Colbath).

Here’s the note sent by Chapter 3 member Terri Tripp:

Hi all,

If you have not heard already, Adam White (Our Foremen in Twin Mountain) and his wife were in a terrible motorcycle accident in Maine while vacationing over Memorial Day weekend. A young lady ran a stop sign and T-boned the motorcycle that Adam and his Wife were riding. His wife, Mary,  was airlifted to Central Maine Medical Center Trauma unit for life-threatening injuries. Adam sustained a severely broken leg. As you can imagine it has been a very traumatic experience for both of them, While Mary survived her injuries, she has lost her leg below the knee (and may still lose more if they cannot stop the infection in her knee). Adam is home, and while he has an awesome group of friends and community members who are totally renovating his home to accommodate the wheels chairs (Ramp and making the doorways wider, also converting his bathroom for handicapped) and helping with yard work, etc., we felt he may need help with some of his expenses. We are sure that there will be things that Mary will need to get around now that her life has been terribly altered along with Adam having  to get a rides to Maine to see Mary and I am sure that is a financial burden.

We will be collecting money to give to Adam and his Wife to relieve any added stress financially.

If you choose to participate, please bring your donation to me at the front desk of Mechanical Services. (or we can figure out how you can send it to me)

Thank you all, we are one awesome family here at the Department of Transportation!!


If you have questions, you can reach Terri at

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