Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley Rally the Troops at Quarterly Council Meeting

Newly endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Maggie Hassan joined SEA’s leadership on September 20 at the fourth quarterly Council meeting at the Holiday Inn in Concord.  Maggie was out campaigning in other parts of the state, but was able to join in via the marvels of 21st century technology – Skype.  And, through even more technology, we were able to videotape her Skype address and share it here with you.

Prior to Maggie joining the group, SEA President Diana Lacey addressed the association’s member leaders and expressed her pride and gratitude for the commitment and effort the membership had exhibited leading up to the NH primary.  She said SEA’s “boots on the ground” made a difference ─ all the “political experts” had predicted an especially low voter turnout for the Primary, but through our efforts, we proved them wrong. The turnout far exceeded their predictions and we were a large part of the reason why!

Diana then introduced Jackie Cilley who expressed here appreciation for SEA’s support during the Primary and told members that she is pleased to be serving as a co-chair on Maggie Hassan’s campaign and said to members “Now we have a job to do.”  Watch her comments here.

When Diana Lacey asked the members who had helped out with holding signs, writing letters to the editor, participating in visibility actions, and so on, many hands went up.  She then challenged everyone to take part and be All in to Win, explaining just how much is at stake for not only public workers and their families, but for all working families in the nation.  As she has said before, electing tea-party, libertarian candidates disguised as Republicans and Democrats is not an option.

As a tribute to recently deceased Tim Decker, who was SEA’s first paid full-time President and treasured activist, Diana asked the attendees to don special “All in to Win” t-shirts that were distributed at the meeting. She mentioned that Tim was looking down on the activism in the room and smiling at the sea of purple!

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