Legislation & Our Wins

Mental Health Workers Granted Temporary Raises


Due to a severe staff shortage, the Governor and Executive Council have approved a 20% temporary wage increase for Mental Health Workers at the NH State Hospital.  

The wage enhancement will go into effect on December 4, 2020, and remain until 2022. At which time, the Agency can request an extension. 

SEA recognizes that many state offices and employees experience dire situations related to staff shortages, wages, and resources. While we continue to fight for a contract in the court system, please congratulate our brothers and sisters at the NH State Hospital on this incredible success. 

Every step towards achieving workers’ rights benefits all Granite State employees. 

In Solidarity,


Election Wins

88 endorsed candidates, 14 members WIN election

Please congratulate them on social media through the following links

Below are all 88 SEA endorsed candidates who won their respective races in the 2020 Election.

Congressional Candidates: Sen. Jeanne Shaheen; Rep. Chris Pappas; Rep. Annie Kuster

NH Senate: David Watters; Suzanne Prentiss; Jay Kahn; Cindy Rosenwald; Becky Whitley; Kevin Cavenaugh; Donna Soucy; Lou D’Allesandro; Rebecca Perkins-Kwoka; Jon Morgan; Tom Sherman

NH House: Tom Buco; Richard Ames; Doug Ley; Larry LaFlamme; Bill Hatch; Troy Merner; Dennis Ruprecht; Suzanne Smith; Sharon Nordgren; Joshua Adjutant; Marjorie Porter; Sue Mullen; Jeff Goley; Diane Langley; Patrick Long; Mary Heath; Heidi Hamer; Tim Smith; Willis Griffith; Maria Perez; Peter Petrigno; Peter Leishman; Jan Schmidt; David Cote; Manny Epitia; Dan Toomey; Mark King; Latha Mangipudi; Linda Harriott-Garthwright; Marty Jack; Mike O’Brien; Ben Baroody; Connie Van Houten; Karen Ebal; Tony Caplan; Rod Pimental; Caroletta Alicia; David Luneau; Mel Myler; Mary Jane Wallner; Steve Shurtleff; Jim MacKay; Eric Gallagher; Timothy Soucy; Safiya Wazir; Kris Schultz; Christy Bartlett; Dianne Schuett; James Allard; John Klose; Mary Beth Walz; Samantha Fox; Gary Woods; Art Ellison; Katherine Rogers; Rebecca McWilliams; Steve Pearson; David Welch; Ellen Read; Renny Cushing; Mike Edgar; Joan Hamblet; Mark Pearson; Tim Fontneau; Casey Conley; Ken Vincent; Brian Sullivan; Linda Tanner; John Cloutier

NH County offices: Brian Chirchiello; Tara Reardon

NH Executive Council: Cinde Warmington

NH Sheriff’s office: Mark Brave


DOT bargaining power strengthened in legal triumph 

In June 2020, the Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PLRB) ruled in favor of SEA and Department of Transportation workers and issued a cease and desist for a policy requiring employees to obtain medical cards for a promotion, lateral transfer, or demotion.

This is a huge victory for DOT workers. Not only did the state try to circumvent bargaining, they also held employees financially responsible for the cards.

The judge ruled that the medical cards placed an undue burden on workers and made little to no impact on public safety. Read the decision here. 


Members at the state liquor stores speak out against unfair practices and win

Last week, SEA member and liquor store employee Bob Walker spoke up regarding pressure from the Liquor Commission to return to work, despite a letter from his doctor advising him otherwise. Thanks to members’ activism, the SEA was able to secure a victory for liquor workers at risk. This was the video they were featured in: Workers in Pain. Based on that video, it piqued reporters’ interest and Bob’s story was featured in the following publications:

The activism saved 87 jobs at the New Hampshire Liquor Commission.


Rally for state workers highlights governor’s failings; huge win for members’ contract at the Legislature 

On Tuesday, June 16 dozens of SEA members gathered in their cars and online to remind Gov. Sununu that state employees have worked without a contract for 350 days. This week, the House and the Senate voted in favor of the independent Fact Finder’s report, which recommended a modest wage increase that adequately rewards employees for their labor. The car horns could be heard well inside the Governor’s office, and Sununu did not appreciate our less than gentle reminder. However, Gov. Sununu has made it clear that he is not in favor of supporting state workers, pandemic or not.

In a press conference later that day, he dismissed members’ pleas for a contract, referring to them as ‘union bosses’ who ‘need to get your priorities straight’, and used the pandemic as a cover for why he continues to withhold compensation to the state’s workforce. Click here to watch the video clip on our Facebook page. Regardless of the governor’s words, both chambers of the Legislature voted in favor of state employees to receive the fair compensation owed to them.

More information will be forthcoming on next steps. Thanks to the House and Senate vote this week, we plan to take every necessary action to implement this contract for our members.

New Chapter at Plymouth State University

After two weeks of voting, the non-tenure track faculty at Plymouth State University (PSU) voted to join SEA/SEIU Local 1984 as our newest chapter! We welcome our new members knowing full well that higher education is an industry with growing wage gaps and declining representation.

The administration at PSU attempted to deter faculty from voting for representation. The administration dismissed the wage benefits and bargaining efficacy of representation.

It is impossible to foster support for unions without a dedicated and involved membership. Thank you to all our members who keep our union strong!

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