Government Employees

New Hampshire’s working people are seeing the state through this pandemic, as they always have. We know that standing together to create a better place to work and live is key to our success. With one voice, we can be heard by local and federal officials to get comprehensive relief for the health, safety, and security of our families. We have heard you and working together to fight:

Earn at least $15 an hour, regardless of where you work or what job you do.

Receive time and half of their salary for essential work during the pandemic.

Access to quality, affordable healthcare, whether or not they’re currently employed.

Expanded healthcare coverage for the uninsured and prevent workers with coverage from losing access if they experience reduced hours, lose their job, or are furloughed.

Access to paid sick time and paid leave no matter where they work.

Prioritize resources for communities that are most affected and least-served by tracking the impact of COVID-19 by race.

The State Employees’ Association (SEA) members and hundreds-of-thousands of other service and care workers across the the state are on the front lines every day, crisis or not. It’s important for working people to have information to help keep themselves, their families, and communities healthy as well as the resources to help the many working people who are struggling to make ends meet in the wake of the crisis and it’s financial strain. For more specific information about working with the SEA to make things better at your workplace, please complete the below form.


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