Election 2020: SEA Endorsements

Every election cycle, SEA endorses candidates that share our values and goals regarding NH workers and labor rights. We’ll be announcing endorsements regularly leading up to the 2020 primary and general elections. All endorsements are announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

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NH Governor

Andru Volinsky

“And in in his role as an executive councilor, we worked with him on bringing transparency to state government,” SEA President Rich Gulla said. “We support his stance on a living wage and in support of the Green New Deal and better health care. “He has a leadership approach that’s all-inclusive and stresses teamwork and he will be a refreshing change in the corner office.”

Volinsky’s website

Volinsky’s Facebook page

Volinsky’s Twitter

NH State Senate 

Bill Bolton

Bill Bolton is a former SEA 1984 chapter President and longtime union supporter with 30 years of experience as a state employee in public health.

 Bolton’s Twitter

Jenn Alford-Teaster

Jenn Alford-Teaster is a research scientist at the Geisel School of Medicine and is committed to supporting working families. “I grew up in New Hampshire,” she says. “I believe in the potential of people and I feel like given the right resources, they can surpass their own expectations.”

Alford-Teaster’s Twitter

Alford-Teaster’s website

Donna Soucy

Soucy, a Manchester native, has a long record of public service that includes three terms as a State Representative, two terms as a Manchester Alderman, nearly four terms on the Manchester School Board. She also served as the first female chair of the Manchester Fire Commission.

Soucy’s Website 

Soucy’s Facebook page

Soucy’s Twitter

Philip Spagnuolo

Spagnuolo’s website

Spagnuolo’s Facebook page

Spagnuolo’s Twitter

Sen. Kevin Cavanaugh

Lifelong Granite Stater, father, coach, blue-collar worker, Alderman, and Senator for NH District 16.

Cavanaugh’s Facebook page

Cavanaugh’s Twitter

Sen. Cindy Rosenwald

Senator Cindy Rosenwald is currently serving her first term representing Senate District 13, which includes six out of Nashua’s nine wards. Before getting elected to the NH Senate, she served as a State Representative for 14 years. Throughout her career in public service, Cindy continues to advocate for affordable health care and policies to help working families.

Rosenwald’s website

Rosenwald’s Facebook page

Rosenwald’s Twitter

Nancy Fraher

Sen. Jeanne Dietsch

Sen. Dietsch’s website

Sen. Dietsch’s Facebook page

Sen. Dietsch’s Twitter 

Sen. Jon Morgan

Morgan’s website

Morgan’s Facebook page

Morgan’s Twitter 

Sen. David Watters

Sen. Watter’s website

Sen. Watter’s Facebook page

Sen. Watter’s Twitter

Sen. Lou D’Allesandro

Sen. D’Allesandro’s Facebook page

Sen. D’Allesandro’s Twitter 

Sen. Tom Sherman

Sen. Sherman’s website

Sen. Sherman’s Facebook page

Sen. Sherman’s Twitter 

Rep. Sue Ford

Rep. Ford’s Facebook page

Councilor Candace Bouchard

Councilor Bouchard’s website

Councilor Bouchard’s Facebook page

Councilor Bouchard’s Twitter

Councilor Deaglan McEachern

Councilor McEachern’s website

 Councilor McEachern’s Facebook page

Councilor McEachern’s Twitter

City Councillor Suzanne Prentiss

Councillor Prentiss’ website

Councillor Prentiss’ Facebook page

Councillor Prentiss’ Twitter

Sen. Shannon Chandley

Sen. Chandley’s website

Sen. Chandley’s Facebook page

Sen. Chandley’s Twitter

Sen. Jay Kahn

Sen. Kahn’s website

Sen. Kahn’s Facebook page

Sen. Kahn’s Twitter

NH State Representatives

Alex Lloyd

Alex Lloyd is an SEA member and has experience working in education, labor and social services.

Lloyd’s Twitter

Lloyd’s Facebook page

Art Ellison

Art Ellison is a former high school teacher, community organizer, New Hampshire Department Of Education Administrator and now a member of the NH House.

Ellison’s Facebook profile

Kathleen M Martins

Martins’ Facebook page

Joan Hamblet

Joan Hamblet worked for the state of New Hampshire for 29 years, and is an active volunteer in her local community. On her website, Hamblet says, “I will advocate for a vibrant business environment and a well-trained, well-compensated workforce. I care about people and want to contribute to making New Hampshire a great place to live, raise a family, and retire.”

Hamblet’s Website

Hamblet’s Twitter

Hamblet’s Facebook page

Dianne Schuett

MacKenzie Murphy

Murphy’s website

Murphy’s Facebook page

Murphy’s Twitter

NH Executive Council

Cinde Warmington

Warmington’s website

Warmington’s Facebook page

Warmington’s Twitter 

Mark MacKenzie

MacKenzie’s Facebook Page

MacKenzie’s Twitter 

Executive Councillor Debora Pignatelli

Executive Councillor Pignatelli’s website

Executive Councillor Pignatelli’s Facebook page

County Sheriff

Bill Barry

Barry’s Facebook page

Mark Brave

Brave’s Facebook page

Michael Labrecque

Labrecque’s Facebook page

Bill Barry

Barry’s Facebook page

U.S. Senate

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

Sen. Shaheen has a long record of service to New Hampshire and has been an exceptional leader in the U.S. Senate since 2009. She helped pass the Affordable Care Act and serves as the only female Senator on the Foreign Relations committee. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Sen. Shaheen advocated for funds to expand New Hampshire’s workforce and combat escalating unemployment.

Sen. Shaheen’s website

Sen. Shaheen’s Facebook page

Sen. Shaheen’s Twitter

U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Annie Kuster

Born and raised in Concord, Rep. Kuster passionately advocates for New Hampshire in the U.S House of Representatives. She has a record of working across the aisle to bring better medical care to NH veterans and lower taxes for small businesses. She continually supports working people and families throughout New Hampshire.

Rep. Kuster’s website

Rep. Kuster’s Facebook page

Rep. Kuster’s Twitter

Rep. Chris Pappas

Rep. Pappas’  re-election website

Rep. Pappas’ Congressional website

Rep. Pappas’ Facebook page

Rep. Pappas’ Twitter 

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