Dozens take part in International Workers Day

At lunchtime on May 1, dozens of SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members joined with members of faith groups and community allies at the State House plaza to mark International Workers Day, more popularly known as May Day.

The event was part of a larger movement uniting organized labor and faith groups in the state to push for better working conditions and an end to poverty wages. President Rich Gulla was among the speakers at the event, and noted that on this May Day – a holiday marking the past struggles of workers – that many workers right here in New Hampshire are struggling and referenced state employees’ fight for a new contract.

“State employees – who are proud citizens of our great state and keep it running – are once again being tossed table scraps by the governor,” Gulla said.

“Our workers deserve living wages, protection of their health insurance and paid overtime,” Gulla continued. “As long as we keep the pressure on, as long as he knows we haven’t retreated, he’ll have to come back to the bargaining table with a fair offer, like he was forced to last time.”

Thank you to our members who attended, especially Chapter 3 member John Corrigan, who led the crowd in labor-centric songs. Among the tunes was one dedicated to former First Vice President Ken Roos, who passed away last summer.

If you’d like to support state employees’ efforts to get a new contract, you can sign our petition here.

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