DOT Impasse – Negotiations fail to gain traction

On September 5, the DOT sub-unit team declared impasse with the State. We are moving into mediation as required under RSA 273-A. In our fight for fair wages and benefits, the bargaining team has expressed strong arguments and even stronger sentiments on behalf of DOT workers. The following are the major sticking points for our workers:

  • Enacting a 40-hour work week for all DOT workers

  • Demanding an exemption to Article 7.1.2, which would require that unscheduled sick leave once again count toward overtime calculation (time and a half for all overtime hours)

  • Increasing the tool rental allowance to mechanics, which the state wants to eliminate and replace with a reimbursement structure, which would hurt affected members

  • Removing the medical card requirement that the State unilaterally imposed on existing CDL holders who wish to transfer, apply for a promotion, or who are demoted.

  • Increasing year-round compensation for employees who obtain a medical card

  • Adding a significant pay increase for those who have a CDL and are subject to random drug testing. This demand will increase wages to be more aligned with cities and towns.

The SEA and the State are currently working to schedule a mediation session in early October.

**Please note that this is separate from the Master Contract Negotiations which is currently in fact-finding.

Published: Sept. 25, 2019

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