Convention 2022

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, October 22, 2022

We are excited to announce the most democratic demonstration of our membership; the Annual Convention will be held Saturday, October 22, 2022. Like last year, this will be a virtual convention via Zoom, which allows for greater participation from across our representative Delegates.



2022 Board Self Nomination Form



Every year at Convention, we recognize outstanding work from our chapters and members. Award winners from 2021, as well as past Conventions, are shown below.

Outstanding Chapter Award

Members from Chapter 255 were presented with the Chapter of the Year award. The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is charged with overseeing the state correctional facilities, supervising probation and parolees, and serving in an advisory capacity in the prevention of crime and delinquency. Their commitment to creating a strong union membership and chapter at their worksite lead them to fight for their own contract, and they won! We congratulate them on all of their efforts!

Charlie Stevens Award

Presented to Carol Lee, Chapter 75 President

Ray Proulx Award for Political Action

Presented to Stan Freeda, Chapter 44

The John B. Parker Memorial Award for Outstanding Member of the Year

Avis Crane, Chapter 1 – 2021

Jim Nall – 2020
Leah McKenna – 2019
Ken Roos – 2018
Garret Boes – 2017


In memory of John B. Parker, 1918-1977


Please take a moment to thank last year’s Member Benefits Partners for all of their generous support.



If you have questions, please call the SEA office at 603.271.3411. 

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