Convention 2019 – Candidates for Board of Directors

The following SEA/SEIU Local 1984 members submitted self-nomination forms for elections to the Board of Directors. In filing the self-nomination form by the deadline, these members will have their names printed on the ballot for elections at convention. Comments submitted with the self-nomination form are included as quoted text.

These candidates must still be nominated from the floor in order of convention in order to be considered. Members who did not submit the self-nomination can still run for Board positions after being nominated from the floor, but these members would need to run as write-in candidates.

President (One position, two-year term)

Richard Gulla, Chapter 54

The last few years brought challenges and opportunities. Successful advocacy wins include COLA for retirees, campus police to Group II and over 70 positions to reduce caseloads. We’re empowering members and stewards to be the face of our union through delegation, collaboration and workshops. Our influence is extending beyond the bargaining table. Programs like Toastmasters, the Conservatives Committee and the Campaign for Public Good build our growing voice in the community. More challenges are coming and I’m eager to continue our bold work with you. It’s an honor to serve as your President.

First Vice President (One position, two-year term)

Mary Fields, Chapter 45

Second Vice President (One position, two-year term)

John Hattan, Chapter 45

Chair of Political Education Committee, long-time Secretary of Chapter 45. Now retired member of Retirement Committee and Lavender Caucus.

Secretary (One position, two-year term)

Cindy Perkins, Chapter 37

Treasurer (One position, two-year term)

Kimothy Griffin, Chapter 20

State employee and SEA member for 20-plus years. Currently a steward, councilor and member of the Master Bargaining Team. My education includes a degree in Business Management and one in Accounting.

Director (State, four positions, three-year term)

Teri Wardner, Chapter 45

Ethics Committee member, Dispute Resolution Committee member, Steward. 

Peter Brunette, Chapter 45

In order to be of greater service to the Union, I am seeking re-election to the office of Director. In addition to my work with the Board of Directors, I currently serve as a workplace Steward and Chairperson of the Ethics and Dispute Resolution Committees. I am particularly grateful to be working with the members of the Ethics Committee, who are reviewing and revising the Union’s dispute resolution and member discipline systems. And as always, I will continue to advocate for democracy, transparency, integrity, fairness and accountability in the conduct of all Union business.

Dennis Etchells, Chapter 47

Just over a year ago I was asked to serve as the chairman of the newly formed Conservative Members Committee. Being honored to be asked I committed myself fully to help this movement grow and help be the voice of the nearly 3000 SEA conservative members. We have made a lot of progress over the last year. In keeping with my commitment I would like this opportunity to continue to bring the issues forward as a member of the SEIU1984 Board of Directors. I believe being a member of conservative members committee and board of directors will benefit all conservative members of the SEA.

Heather Fairchild, Chapter 16

I have been on the Board now for quite some time and I feel I still have much to give. I have been a Chapter 16 President, Councilor, member of many committees and I am co-sponsoring the new Toastmasters group. 

Cheryl Towne, Chapter 24

Kenneth Muske, Chapter 37

Board of Directors, Steward, Councilor, Chapter Treasurer, two terms Master Bargaining Team, Chair Steward Committee, Poli Ed Committee, Finance Committee, Agency LMC, Chair Agency Safety Committee, Sub-Unit Bargaining Team. 

Jennifer Cheney, Chapter 16

Present: LMC, Steward. Past: Councilor, Chapter Vice President.

Director (Retiree, one position, three-year term)

John Amrol, Chapter 1

I am running for the position of Director (Retiree) because I feel with my past experience – President for 9 years, member of many past and present committees, and many years as a board member – I am confident I cannot only fight for and support retiree issues but also work with the union in pursuing its goals and objectives. I am once again asking the convention to allow me to work for you, my brothers and sisters, by once again giving me your vote.

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