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The Conservative Committee is successful because members are involved. There are several ways to support the Committee:

About the Conservative Committee

Chair: Karen Irwin

Co-Chair: Tamara Feener

Constitutional Amendment Statement

Conservative Member Committee: The Committee shall be responsible for engaging conservative SEA members in the union on as many levels as possible, in order to access the expertise, energy, and enthusiasm of these members. The Committee will work closely with the political department to develop positive relationships with union-friendly conservative legislators, and through these relationships develop other conservative legislators in the NH House and Senate.

Mission Statement

Use critical thinking in a focused and creative process to influence the overall performance of our union as we work toward the shared goals of improving wages, benefits, and working conditions for all New Hampshire state employees. 

Develop conservative candidates for public office, obtain endorsements through established internal processes, and get candidates elected by working with the SEA and the GOP. Help elected officials make good decisions by maintaining ongoing relationships. 

Through these actions, improve life for our families, communities, and state.

Vision Statement

Increase awareness of conservative SEA issues within the SEA and the public. Use our size within the SEA to help drive gains in wages, benefits, and working conditions. Develop and grow positive relationships with conservative legislators. Drive a thoughtful, creative, and focused political agenda through increased lobbying efforts with Republicans in the General Court. 

2020 Election

The Conservative Member Committee always makes an effort to bring conservative leaders and legislators to SEA. In 2020, we invited over 15 conservative candidates for local, state, and national offices for an interview with our committee. Six of these candidates were endorsed by the Conservative Member Committee.

Donald J. TrumpU.S. PresidentInvited
Chris SununuNH GovernorInterviewed
Karen TestermanGOP Primary Candidate for NH GovernorInterviewed
Gov. Bill WeldGOP Primary Candidate for U.S. PresidentInvited
Matt MowersCandidate for U.S. House, District 1Interviewed
Matt MayberryGOP Primary Candidate for U.S. House, District 1Interviewed
Steve NegronCandidate for U.S. House, District 2Interviewed
Mark PearsonNH HouseEndorsed
Stephen Pearson NH HouseEndorsed
Troy MernerNH HouseEndorsed
Brian ChirichielloRockingham Co. Commissioner, District 3Endorsed
James AllardNH HouseEndorsed
John KloseNH HouseEndorsed
Don BolducGOP Primary Candidate for U.S. SenateInterviewed
Lynne Ferarri BlankenbeckerGOP Primary Candidate for U.S. House, District 2Interviewed
Max Abramson NH HouseInterviewed


Download our flyer for the conservative member committee and encourage your fellow union members to attend! Meetings are at the SEA office on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. Teleconferencing option is available. For more information contact Cullen Tiernan or Randy Hunneyman at 603.271.3411.

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