Board of Directors Special Election

In accordance with the SEA Constitution, in order to be nominated as a candidate for director, a member must have been in good standing for at least one year immediately prior to the election. Retired members are only eligible for the Retiree position, and Continuing members are not eligible to run for office.

The nomination period has ended, and elections will be held at the next council meeting on Thursday, December 8, 2022.

Board Elections

Director – Executive Branch (one position, remainder of three-year term, 2025)
Private Sector (one position, remainder of three-year term, 2024)

All Candidates will have an opportunity to address the membership at the next Quarterly Council Meeting on , prior to voting. As a reminder, Council Meeting registration is from 6:00 PM – 6:30 PM. Self-Nominations will be from 6:45 PM – 7:00 PM. Balloting will be online starting at 7:00 PM or immediately after nominations are finalized on Thursday, December 8, 2022 (hybrid).

You must be present at the Council meeting to vote. Candidates for Union Office, please see the below information regarding the SEA Constitution Article VIII and Board Policy Section IX for additional details on the process. All wishing to participate must register for the Council Meeting with a home email address, as the proprietary email system isn’t guaranteed to go through employer email security systems.

SEA Constitution: Candidates for Union Office

During a nomination period, members wishing to run for Association Officer or as Director of the Board of Directors must file a self-nomination form with the SEA Headquarters. Nothing in this provision shall limit floor nominations all will be permitted. Once candidacy has been declared, the Association shall forward correspondence to the candidate’s constituents upon his/her request through U.S. Mail or electronic mail until the election. The SEA business administration office will forward said correspondence within two (2) business days of receipt. Any U.S. Mail correspondence must be pre-stuffed and stamped by the candidate prior to delivering to the SEA. (adopted 7/9/09) (amended 8/3/09) (amended 9/9/10) (amended 02/21/19)

Notification: The Association shall send Section IX, E of Board Policy to all candidates running for officer or director. Such notice shall be sent within seven (7) calendar days of the Association’s receipt of notification of the candidate’s intent to run for office. (amended 9/23/14)

This portion of the Constitution was adopted 9/11/08 and amended 9/23/14, 4/12/18, and 02/21/19.

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