Bargaining Update – Nov. 7, 2019

Good afternoon, 

We still anticipate that the fact-finding report will be released to the involved parties on Nov. 12. That begins a 10-day window when the report is kept confidential to allow parties an opportunity to work out an agreement. 

We’ve got a reminder below about a tentative meeting date for the Bargaining Senate, as well as updates on sub-unit bargaining and an important health benefit reminder. 

Bargaining Senate meeting on Dec. 3

We have tentatively scheduled a meeting of the Bargaining Senate for Tuesday, Dec. 3, to either review a tentative agreement (if we’ve reached one) or to review the fact-finder’s report. The precise location and time of this meeting have yet to be determined, but please reserve that evening if you’re a member of the Bargaining Senate. 

Sub-unit bargaining updates

Several sub-unit bargaining teams went through the mediation process last week, but did not reach an agreement. Those sub-units – Department of Information Technology, New Hampshire Hospital, Department of Safety and the New Hampshire Veterans Home – declared impasse and will all now move to fact-finding. As a reminder, the Department of Transportation sub-unit team has already moved to fact-finding. Having this many sub-units move to fact-finding is fairly unusual and shows the members’ dedication to fighting for you. To give you an idea of what the teams are facing, the key sticking point for the Veterans Home is that the state wants to take away the Christmas holiday for housekeeping workers. Merry Christmas!

Health benefit reminder

Just a reminder to state employees: With the end of the year coming, you’ll need to use money earned by taking the HAT or risk losing it. The balance of the $200 earned will remain on your HRA debit card through year end – meaning you can use the card until Dec. 31. However, you have until March 31 to seek reimbursement for any expense incurred before the end of this year.

The HAT program will start over on Jan. 1, so you’ll be able to log in to your Anthem account and start the process over. Just remember that while the HAT continues, Healthy Rewards does not. Make sure that you make use of your 2019 HAT funds and take the HAT first thing next year.

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