Bargaining Update – June 27, 2019

Good morning,

We’re sending out a second bargaining update this week because we had an important update and a clarification to share with you. The update is regarding your prescription coverage and the clarification is in regards to our bargaining update sent out on Tuesday.

Prescription coverage has not changed

We were alerted Wednesday that some members are receiving erroneous automated phone calls from Anthem, claiming that their pharmacy coverage has changed. This is not correct. The pharmacy benefits provided through Express Scripts are not changing at this time. You can ignore the message. The state is working to find out why these erroneous phone calls occurred and how to remedy them.

Website for Health Rewards redemption

Our Bargaining Update on Tuesday included instructions to prepare for the sunset of the Health Rewards program for any members with outstanding claims. However, as some members noted, we linked to Anthem’s main website instead to the direct page, or the associated smartphone app. You can find the instructions, with the corrected website, here.

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