Bargaining Update – June 25, 2019

Clarification: Please note a change to the website to use for Health Rewards benefits in the closing paragraph. The original version referred readers to Anthem’s main website. 

Good afternoon,

We’ve been providing reminders for the last few months about the potential for the Health Rewards program to sunset if the contract expires, and with that expiration now a certainty, we wanted to provide some final advice before that benefit sunsets.

First, some history. When the collective bargaining agreement went into evergreen back in 2017 (after the contract expired on June 30 of that year), employees lost the ability to collect any due Health Rewards under the CBA. Essentially, if employees had not logged into and collected any due rewards, they could no longer attempt to do so. However, many employees did log into prior to July 1, 2017, only to find their rewards were still not available for collection due to a delay in processing.

At the time, SEA/SEIU Local 1984 filed a group grievance and met with the state to resolve the matter, at which point the parties discovered that it was extremely difficult to verify who did and did not attempt to collect their rewards on time.

Now, with the same benefit about to sunset in less than a week on June 30, we strongly recommend employees prepare for this by logging into the new website,, to collect any rewards they believe they are still owed, and by taking screenshots of any and all applicable screens, including any which show the date and time, so that it may be available later. Also, employees should get documentation of all qualifying events under the Health Rewards program which have been completed either from before July 1, 2019, or from their medical providers.

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