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My name is Deborah Emery and I’m a mental health counselor at my private practice in the Seacoast and an associate member at the State Employees’ Association. I’m writing to invite you to become an associate member and be part of the fastest growing organization in New Hampshire. 

I became an associate member because when there’s a strong union presence in a state, the union raises the standards for EVERYONE in that state. Just think about it – say Company X is unionized. Their workers receive higher pay, better working conditions and top benefits. Now imagine that Company Y — which isn’t unionized– is located on that same street. Their workers aren’t too happy with their working conditions and aren’t paid that well. If Company Y wants to stay in business, it will have to do better by their workers. That’s the amazing effect unions can have and as associate members, our membership supports better conditions for everyone in New Hampshire. 

My experience with the State Employees’ Association has been quite positive. As a mental health care worker, I wanted to pass legislation that would be beneficial to my profession while also improving access to mental health care in our state. The union helped me and my colleagues through the legislative process. They know that large organized groups of people have power and now it’s my turn to make the union stronger. 

It behooves us to be associate members. When we’re part of something larger than ourselves, we can make New Hampshire a better place to live and work for everyone. Don’t you want to be part of that? Sign up here

Thank you, 



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