Tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary and it is crucial that your vote as a union member is cast tomorrow. We must show up to vote because so much is on the line and it is our responsibility and privilege as American citizens to participate in our nation’s democracy — our participation strengthens the democratic process. SEA/SEIU Local 1984 spent months hosting town halls with as many presidential candidates as we could and we sincerely hope that these events provided you with an informative experience.

Through our own democratic process, we endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. He is the candidate who has the strongest and longest track record of supporting unions, and has proven time and time again that he will stand shoulder to shoulder with workers, especially the most vulnerable. If you are still undecided or if you are curious to know more about why we endorsed him, please click here.

Whoever you decide to vote for, please make sure you know your polling place, as times vary throughout the state depending on your town or city. Click here to look up your polling place. As long as you are in line before the cutoff time, you are able to vote — so please stay in line. By Tuesday evening, the entire country and, frankly, the world will await the results of our collective votes.

Thank you for doing your part in our nation’s democracy and as a union member.

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