2016 Outstanding Chapter of the Year

DSC00654Prior to announcing the 2016 Outstanding Chapter of the Year, President Gulla made the following remarks:

“Every year, we honor the SEA Chapter which best demonstrates the ideals of unionism.

This award is intended to single out not one person, but a group of dedicated member activists.

It symbolizes a united group of members that have worked hard to make their chapter active, strong, responsive, and effective in meeting the needs of their members.

This year, like every year, the choice was hard. This year’s Chapter of the year has created a union culture at their worksite.  They have reached and maintained 95% membership. Fifty (50) of their 165 members contribute to SEA PAC: that’s 3 out of every 10 members. They know firsthand the impact that our political efforts can have. Through the legislative process, they have successfully fought for and won the financial resources to maintain state funding for their jobs.

Member leaders are active at worksites, and take the initiative to welcome in new employees and ask them to join the SEA so that we can be stronger together. They have an active Labor Management Committee team and have solved many worksite problems by keeping a regular LMC meeting schedule, maintaining a collaborative and professional working relationship with
management, and reaching out for input from members.

They are also living the principles of solidarity by creating and participating in fundraisers to help members who need it.

I am proud to present this year’s award to Chapter 21, Sununu Youth Services Center/Juvenile Justice.”

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