2016 John B. Parker Award


John B. Parker Award winner, Kevin McMahon holds his plaque with presenter Jim Kowalik at his side.

Jim Kowalik, Chapter 40 had the following to say when announcing the 2016 John B. Parker Award

“Mr. President, Board of directors, and gathered delegates. It is my humble honor to rise before you to present the Prestigious John B. Parker Award for Outstanding Member of this organization.

Like most of you, this member is a longtime state employee and union member;

Like most of you, this member performs their daily duties behind the scenes with little or no recognition;

Like some of you, this member sometimes performs these duties behind locked bars…

I mean doors….;

And, finally, like many of you, this member fully participates in the struggle to promote fair treatment of State employees.

Please allow me to tell you the many ways this member serves members and the commitment this member has provided to the Association…..State position(s) held:  Steward Committee Chairperson, Sub-Unit Bargaining Member, Unit Steward, SEA Board Policy Manual Committee Member.

Position(s) held with Chapter: Vice-President, Councilor.

Association Service: SEA member since 1986, tireless political phone banking volunteer, fully engaged in recruiting new members and representing the chapter and association organization in a most positive light.

This member has built and maintained excellent relationships with association management and chapter members to provide significant opportunities to resolve Issues.

It is my pleasure to present the SEA Outstanding Member award to a chapter leader, good friend, and all around nice guy:

Kevin McMahon, Department of Safety, State Police Forensic Lab”

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