2016 Annual Convention Awards


President Gulla presents Frank Wike with the Charlie Stevens Award

The first award presented was the Charlie Stevens Award. This award goes to the outstanding Chapter President each year. The 2016 winner is Frank Wike, Chapter 6.

John Hattan, chair of the Political Education Committee, presented the Ray Proulx Award for political action.  This year’s recipient is Bob Joseph, Chapter 1. Bob is a dedicated member of the Political Education Committee and is a frequent contributor of political Letters to the Editor in the Lakes Region.  Bob was not in attendance due to illness.

Chapter 21, the Sununu Youth Services Center, was recognized as the Chapter of the Year as “a united group of members that have worked hard to make their chapter active, strong, responsive, and effective in meeting the needs of their members.”

The final award bestowed was the “John B. Parker Award,” that is presented to the outstanding member of the year. Jim Kowalick, Chapter 40, presented this year’s award to Kevin McMahon also a Chapter 40 member. Kevin has been a union member since 1983. Over the years he has served as a steward, chapter vice president, member of the Collective Bargaining Senate, sub-unit bargaining team member and is the current Chair of the Steward Committee.

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